Theme Of Brotherhood In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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The uniform makes for brotherhood,since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country. Tim Obrien The Things They Carried. The things they carried is about Tim and his stories, his memories throughout the Vietnam war, leading up to the war when he got drafted and years later trying to deal with his emotions about everything. This book deals with different stories from other people in Tim's platoon and what they were going through and what they went through years later. Throughout this story you see how brotherhood affects a human and how death changes them. Through brotherhood an everlasting bond is formed. The definition of brotherhood is a special bonding between men who have common experiences, beliefs, or interests. It…show more content…
They all felt the sadness of Curt Lemon, Kiowa, and the others they lost. Death changes people, it puts a hardness in their heart when they don't want to deal with the pain. Although death is a part of life it's not easy and never gets easier. In death and loss a bond is formed and it is a stronger bond than any other. Comparable to a mother daughter bond, brotherhood never goes away no matter how much time passes. “In the spring of 1975, near the time of Saigon's final collapse, I received a long, disjointed letter in which Bowker described the problem of finding a meaningful use for his life after the war.” In this you see how after years later men were still struggling with issues from the war and reached out to each other for help. Although Norman did kill himself it was because he couldn't deal with his own guilt anymore for Kiowa. His brothers were always there for him and never left him, if they had known sooner they would have done everything to help him. Brotherhood is a forever bond. A bond that is unexplainable especially from war. Brotherhood is being there no matter the time of day or night for your brother in
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