Theme Of Change In A Rose For Emily

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In the world, many people pass on and those who mourn the death of loved ones do not know how to cope with the loss. Change surrounds everyone and everything; people die and once they no longer exist, loved ones find it difficult to adjust to the new normal in their life. In “A Rose for Emily”, Miss Emily loses people in her life, first her father passes and then her partner departs from her life. She becomes a lonely woman that blocks everything out; becoming a woman who is afraid of change due to the recent events that have occurred in her life. In “A Rose for Emily”, the theme is change, and the elements that were seen throughout the story were character, point of view and setting. Change can hinder people because not everyone can accept what the future has to offer, for example, older people find it harder to accept help from others, and adapting can make them feel uneasy about their life in the future. In “A Rose for Emily”, change is seen throughout the story as well as the first element which is character. In the story, Miss Emily has been depicted as a strange, older woman who has never been married and cares for her father. Once her father passes, Miss Emily cannot grasp how to live on in her life because someone important to her is no longer with her. In certain aspects, like death for example, people find it difficult to come to terms with death because it is a common fear from most people. Some people do not like to think about death because they might have

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