Theme Of Chaos In Julius Caesar

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In the tragedy, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.The powerful individuals in this play use rhetoric to control the people around them and cause these people to complete tasks they cannot,but these uses of rhetoric unleash a chaos that cannot be regressed with words. The insidious,not-so transparent character Antony unleashes chaos with his use of rhetoric because he causes commoners that are not very strong willed to kill an innocent man after he describes the good wholesome nature he has inside , another character’s use of rhetoric that unleashed chaos is a jealous fickle natured man Cassius causing an impressionable man Brutus to kill Caesar; Rome’s unjust ruler.When Cassius is speaking to Brutus in the hope of adding him to his group…show more content…
A man driven by jealousy, Cassius’s deceiving use of rhetoric helps support a theme of “Rhetoric being used for one’s own gain” because he is manipulating a naive Brutus into killing the leader of Rome, using rhetoric to accomplish this goal. During Caesar’s funeral after gaining permission to speak from Brutus, Antony supposedly exclaims the common good he holds, in his heart, by depicting“But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man, That love my…show more content…
Consequently, the people because of their beastly minds, after hearing Anthony’s speech will act chaotically. Thus proving Anthony’s use of rhetoric in Julius Caesar will unleash chaos because the common people are killing mercilessly and recklessly because they are incited by the rhetoric used in his speech.Although the people at times may think they are entitled to their own beliefs and individuality in this play,the people of Rome killing Cinna mercilessly supports a theme of “Mob mentality influences actions” because the people of Rome are acting based off of generalized group belief which is to kill in order to gain justice for Caesar.In conclusion, In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare,the use of rhetoric has a greater power than it is in itself,but the use of rhetoric is manipulated by two deceiving men Cassius and
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