Theme Of Childbirth In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Theme: Childbirth Mary Shelley, the author of the infamous classic tale; Frankenstein. Mary Shelley wrote the story of Frankenstein the majority of the time she was pregnant; she had already experienced and grieved the death of an infant before she had finished her horror tale Frankenstein. Now many events in Mary Shelley's life transpired before and during her writing of Frankenstein that could bring relation to the theme being childbirth. One of the many was an event she couldn't recall, for she was an infant; Mary Wollstonecraft, her mother, died few days after Mary Shelley's birth due to infection. Another event tied to childbirth through the death of her mother would be that in her novel the monster was brought into the world with only a father, when it had a face only a mother could love. Shelley was also said to read by her mothers grave, furthering the necessity of mothers love that lacks in Frankenstein. As previously mentioned Shelley was writing Frankenstein the majority of her first pregnancy, having the thought of…show more content…
However for most of the connections mentioned, there's far more information that draws out childbirth as the theme. The first event mentioned would be Shelley's mother, Mary Wollstonecraft's death. This event connects to childbirth through the possible dangers of it, introducing the not always perfect bringing of life. In her novel, it states Frankenstein's monster rose to life with agitated limbs, which can further be read as a rough coming to life. Equally as awful for Victor Frankenstein, when what beauty he imagined, was horrendous; Previously stated, a face only a mother could love. Another point mentioned would be her loss of her first child. Around the time she lost her child you could imagine she was writing Frankenstein's monster trying to fit in but being shunned; turning to murder while she grieved her dead
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