Theme Of Clarisse In Fahrenheit 451

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Unlike other trifle characters in the story, What if the protagonist, Guy Montag, never met Clarisse, Beatty, and Faber Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451? Clarisse, Beatty, and Faber are the main reasons why the novel has depth. These characters are essential to the story because they make the story more interesting and suspenseful. Each character has a particular purpose in why they have written and how they each impact the main character. At first all the characters were not close and they where impersonal with each other as the book goes on they started to get personal with each other and started to have an impact with montag.
According to the rules of this game, if the yellow flower doesn’t stick to the skin, it demonstrates that he is not in love, even though Montag is married to his wife, Millie. This new realization begins to make Montag think about his marriage, his job as a Fireman and his life. Instead, Clarisess could have told him he was in love so maybe he could feel better about himself but she was honest with him and told him that he wasn 't in love. The author, Ray Bradbury, writes in a way that Montage started to admire Clarisse because of how caring, melancholy and how much she thinks deeply into her thoughts. Clarisse was also the first person to feel inclined to ask Montage if “are you happy?” (Fahrenheit, 7) This was wake up call to montage because no one really talked about happiness. This is one of the moments when Clarisse 's was earnest with
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