Theme Of Class Inequality In The Kite Runner

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Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country, mainly believe in Muslims in Islam, divided into Sunni and Shiite. Pashtun is the first great nation in Afghanistan, mainly believe in Sunni. As the largest faction in Islam,Pashtuns hold a major position in Afghan society、politics、economy、culture, claiming to be the "Orthodox", against Shiite the Hazara believe in. Hazara is the third most populous nation in Afghanistan. However, they are discriminated by Pashtuns and other ethnic groups; moreover, their social status never been taken seriously by the central government. Social class relations are intertwined with ethnic relations. Pashtun people are the upper and middle levels of Afghanistan, while Hazara people are mostly at the bottom of the society. And the national order is above other social ranks.…show more content…
Inequality in Amir’s family is also the inequality among nations. As Pashtun, Baba and Amir are the master, while Ali and Hassan, as Hazara, are the faithful servant. Amir and Hassan belong to different class and nation, who drink the same milk and play in the same yard. In Amir’s heart, Hassan is his most loyal and intimate companion, but never a friend, for the two are separated by the barriers of class and nation. Amir never includes Hassan in games when he has guests, and he only plays with Hassan when no one else is around.(Hosseini,2003) When Hassan put out mistakes in Amir’s essay, Amir thoughts "What does he know, that illiterate Hazara? He'll never be anything but a cook. How dare he criticize

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