Theme Of Cloning In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a timeless classic, published in 1925, that takes place during the golden years of American history; the Jazz age. A time when morals were out the window, sex was becoming a national craze, and booze was outlawed and yet a national problem. The way the characters are portrayed, makes them incredibly relatable; vulnerable yet devious and cruel in their own special ways. The story takes place in New York, a prime example of the 1920’s human condition and how morally distraught all of them are and all of them appear to be. That seems to actually be the major theme throughout the majority of the novel. Just how lacking the Eastern United States appears to be when it comes to morals. The moral could also…show more content…
The next step in the constantly shifting and sinuous trail that is the human race and its existence. It has been around for years now but it has finally been perfected to the point of being able to clone more than a mere rat or a sheep. Bone marrow, blood, hair, just about anything that is D.N.A is able to be used for this process. This has become the most technologically incredible advancement of all time for mankind. All kinds of people have been brought back due to this. Elvis, Richard Nixon, Marilyn Monroe, etc. But the same program wanted to bring someone back that was alive during the 1920’s. They wanted to do this to truly find out how much morals and human behavior have changed since then. Comparing someone from the 1920’s to someone from the current 2010’s. They made a list of everyone that was alive at the time and randomly selected one from the…show more content…
Upon arriving there, the scientists explained to me what they were planning to do and my mother and I were both rather shocked. But after some thorough convincing and well thought out reasoning we both agreed to it. They were going to bring back my great great grandfather; Nick Carraway. So, the procedure was underway. They dug up some of his remains and used his bone marrow to begin the cloning process. My mother and I sat in silence for the next five hours. A man wrapped in a towel walked out of the room accompanied by two scientists. He looked at us with a confused expression. He must have been told that were his great grandchild and great great grandchild. The scientists said that they will have to do some more tests on him to make sure that he is healthy and that he can safely enter the outside

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