Theme Of Clothes In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920s is known for the jazz age also called the roaring twenties. In that time America was undergoing lots of changes economically, socially and culturally. One of the major changes that took place was in the fashion. Fitzgerald in his writing shows not only the fashion but also the clothes symbolizes other too. One of the symbols greatly used in the great Gatsby is the symbolization of clothes, how they represent different things at different times. My paper will look into how Fitzgerald presented clothes to represent other things rather than fashion itself.
The great Gatsby displayed 1920s fashion. The changing of fashion in men clothes but also in womens clothes. The freedom movement lead to a change in women’s fashion the dresses got smaller they got vulgar. Whereas the men s fashion restricted to business attire. There are certain examples of the clothes fashion illustrated in the novel, wearing small tight hats of metallic cloth and carrying light capes over their arms’. ‘Dressed up in white flannels’ ‘Gatsby in a white flannel suit, silver shirt and gold-colored tie hurried in. Gatsby party is also described
Clothes also represent of how you are trying to portray yourself in front of everyone and trying to fit in society, for
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In the great Gatsby it is seen as the “east egg” and the west egg”. The east egg represent people who have old money also known as the ancestral wealth which is run in the family. The west egg represent people who had recently climbed up the socioeconomic status. This could be clearly seen in the great Gatsby as fitzgerald portrayed in the disguise of clothes. Jay Gatsby is seen wearing multi colored dresses at different occasions which made him look different than other people like tom who has old money. Though Gatsby clothes are a sign of wealth but it has no class according to tom. ‘An Oxford man!’ He was incredulous. ‘Like hell he
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