Theme Of Colonialism In An Outpost Of Progress And After The Race

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The Way of Colonialism Worked in
“An Outpost of Progress” and “After the Race” “An Outpost of Progress” was written by Joseph Conrad, and “After the Race” is one short story of James Joyce’s Dubliners. The two short stories in different vision to tell the short stories about the colonialism worked, but the writers all choose representative characters to let people have a preliminary understanding about the way of colonialism worked and to reflect the way colonialism worked under the whole age background. Colonialism means that the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas (Thornton 335). Through the analysis of the characters and characterization as well as plot in “An Outpost of Progress” and “After the Race”, there are three main ways of the colonialism. The first way is that spread colonialism thoughts and culture to control people. The second way is that use violence, robbery, and cheating to gain interest. The third way is that build a colonialism structure. Characters can be defined as any person, animal, or figure represented in a literary work, each with its own development and function (Abrams 45). Characterization meant to establish the distinctive characters (Abrams 47). Plot is the series of events that form the story of a novel (Abrams 294). Firstly, the description of Characters and characterization presents the first way of colonialism that spread colonialism thoughts and culture to control people. Kayerts, Carlier,
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