Theme Of Color In The Wizard Of Oz

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Throughout the classic novel, The Wizard of Oz, written in the year 1900 by L. Frank Baum, multiple colors are presented. Readers are introduced to an array of colors following Dorothy's arrival from Kansas. They show a change in scene and location, along with the mood of the chapter.

Although the film depiction of the novel is not the exact same, it manages to promote the same idea of importance and significance of color. In the film, shot in 1939, viewers become acquainted with a grey and dreary Kansas as Dorothy and her everyday life are presented. Following the storm, the audience is surprised and amazed to spot the difference between the two environments. As Dorothy exits her Kansas home, she realizes just how different the world of Oz truly is with it's technicolor landscape.
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For example, blue stood for Munchkins, yellow for Winkies, red for Quadlings, and finally, green for the Emerald city. The colors above truly separate one group from another in a special way. In this case, the colors symbolize who you belong with in society and who rules over your lands. The colors in The Wizard of Oz are like the modern day flags around the world.

If one was to imagine the novel without color, the novel would simply be dreary, just as Kansas was. One would not be able to picture the beautiful landscapes and exciting places such as the yellow brick road or the Emerald city. It would be a different kind of story with next to no imagery.

In conclusion, Frank Baum, author of Wizard of Oz, presented his novel around the idea of color. He was able to show us just how remarkable this aspect is and the role it plays in our imagination. Color is not just blue, yellow, red, and green, but it is the change in mood, location and
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