Theme Of Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

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Though colour symbolism is used by writers in many pieces of literature, consciously or unconsciously, its emotional impacts, which are discussed in the previous chapter, are seen much in the novel The Great Gatsby. This chapter presents a detailed study of this novel. In this chapter, the researcher gives a detailed description about the background of the novel, the plot construction, the major themes of the novel, the motifs and other symbols used in the novel and finally an analysis of the major characters in the novel.
BACKGROUND OF THE NOVEL The novel The Great Gatsby was published in 1925. It is considered to be one of the greatest works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. It tells the story of a young man Jay Gatsby, who struggles to
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But after the death of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the novel experienced a revival during the World War II. Though the novel, The Great Gatsby was not appreciated when it was published, it gained a lot of popularity twenty years after the death of the writer. As the thoughts of the Jazz Age started to fade out, people wanted to reread the novel and they started to appreciate the literary merits of the novel. The novel became a part of the curriculum of the American schools. It was also adapted into lot of movie versions. The concept and content of the novel brought it into the category of The Great American novel. In 1998, Modern Library Editorial Board voted it as twentieth century best American novel and the second best English novel of that…show more content…
In that party, he meets Jordan. Later Nick learns that Gatsby knew Daisy already and they had a relation between even them before the war. Nick also understands that the only dream of Gatsby is to win back Daisy. Gatsby now wants Nick to arrange a reunion between him and Daisy. Nick agrees. Nick invites Daisy home for a tea party without telling her that Gatsby will also be joining them. After an initially awkward situation, Gatsby and Daisy start to get attached again. Gatsby takes her home and shows her all his rich wealth and luxury. After that, their affair starts to grow and Buchannan gets suspicious of his wife’s relation with Gatsby. One day when Gatsby is invited to Daisy’s house for dinner, Buchannan conforms his doubt that Daisy is in love with Gatsby. He demands them to drive to New York and confronts Gatsby telling that there is a love between Buchannan and Daisy which Gatsby will never understand. Daisy realizes her state and decides to live her life with
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