Theme Of Communication In Shiloh

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Communication is needed in any relationship whether it be romantic or platonic. Without communication, a relationship will inevitably collapse. Written by Bobbie Ann Mason, “Shiloh” depicts the troubled marriage of Leroy and Norma Jean Moffitt, a couple whose relationship collapses due to a lack of communication. Leroy and Norma Jean are two contrasting characters who fail to resolve their differences through communication, creating tension between the two and leading to their ultimate divorce. Through the characterization of Leroy and Norma Jean and the depiction of a conflict between two spouses, Bobbie Ann Mason stresses that communication is key.
A slothful man, Leroy Moffitt is the husband of Norma Jean. After injuring his leg, Leroy is deemed unfit to drive his beloved rig and spends his days at home. While collecting dust in the house, Leroy begins to feel “unusually tender about his wife,” (760). He fondly notes her prettiness and flawless skin (761). Leroy compares her to Wonder Woman while watching her lift weights, expressing his admiration and love for his wife (759). While Leroy claims to love Norma Jean, he only loves her in a superficial sense, only praising her appearance and the things she provides him with such as her terrific piano-playing. After playing with his miniature model kits, Leroy fantasizes about indulging Norma Jean with a log cabin. He incessantly tells her how much joy it would bring him to build her a “‘real home’” and is met with her

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