Theme Of Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies by the author William Golding is a story that tells us about a group of boys who are lost on an island because their plane fell down. The group of boys faces problems while they are stranded on the island, thanks to many disagreements between the boys. Conflict happens all the way through the story. One of the ways that the author represents conflict is through two of the main characters, Ralph, the leader of the civilized group, and Jack, the leader of the savage group. The author also reveals the growing tension between the civilized group and the savage group in three parts of the story: when the signal fire is let out and a boat passes by the island, when Jack leaves the civilized group to create his own group, and when the savage group steals Piggy’s glasses to make their own fire. If these things had not happened, the climax of the story would not have happened. The first part in the story that shows the tension between the two groups is when Jack and his group let the fire go out, making a ship to pass by without a smoke signal letting the group of boys to miss a chance of being saved. This part is important because it shows the first conflict between the two groups in the story. Ralph’s priorities are to build shelters and keep a signal fire going to be able to get rescued, Jack’s priorities are to find meat for the group and have fun. Tension is shown in this moment when they boys quarrel and Jack takes his stress out on Piggy. The author writes,
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