Theme Of Conflicts In King Lear

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Parental-Offspring Conflicts: King Lear
Every family has its faults, moments where not every individual is happy with every other, times of strife. Many things can cause this, but often an individual’s thoughts and beliefs can be the cause for such conflicts to arrive. The play King Lear’s main focus is showing negative dynamics, serious conflicts, between parents and their children and developing a tragic story while doing so. This essay will show how the familial conflicts between Cordelia and her father King Lear; along with Edmund and his father Gloucester demonstrate that one’s morals of what is natural in life and in nature as a whole depends greatly on their individual and selfish wants.
Edmund’s view on natural morals varies based on
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King Lear’s selfish attitude and desire of having his daughters care for him adds to the play’s meaning of a person’s view of natural morals changing based on a person’s selfish wants in that: King Lear believes what is natural is that one should hold certain moral virtues that must be upheld. Those virtues are that King Lear believes that parents require their children’s respect, with that, as a king, he craves everyone’s loyalty. In believing these natural morals he expects his daughters to do not only what he wants, but to declare their love and devotion to him in order to get what they want. He wants to have his daughters utmost attention, and, as such he uses his beliefs to emotionally manipulate them into doing so. For example, at the very beginning of the play King Lear demands that all three of his daughters verbally declare their love for him in order to get their share of his land and power. Cordelia, his eldest and favorite, does not like this idea and chooses to say “nothing” and justifying this by…show more content…
For Edmund, it is natural to preserve himself and put his need to be equal above his family. For King Lear, it is natural for one to love their father and king as he needs to be taken care of as an elderly person and needs to have his daughter’s love. The difference between King Lear and Edmund is that King Lear realizes that he was in fact being selfish and his beliefs on what is natural are not inherently correct, as he eventually does understand that Cordelia was the one who loved him the most. Edmund dies because he attempted to betray his brother and never gets that chance to
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