Theme Of Conformity In F451

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Through the novel, the movie, and the television segment, the reader/watcher is able to deduce a strong overall theme of conformity. Specifically, ignorance becomes an effect of the conformity, and conformists learn to blindly accept information without questioning the truth behind the statement. In F451, the state issues a ban of books, and therefore knowledge, not approved by the government. The citizens obey, though they have no evidence to support the government’s decision. They burn artifacts of literature and history simply because they are told to do so. The state assures the people that through a lack of change, the people will become happy, and the people are so focused on this false information that they deny their unhappiness even…show more content…
Although a change of the mind occurs in the past two works, the television segment is, quite literally, more of a physical change. The state believes in beauty, and places a ban on all those who fail to embody their ideal model. Hence, citizens, including the doctor who was shown to care for a woman who was described under this category, obey the state’s law, sacrificing their relationships with the non-conformist for conformity, This is also seen in F451, when Mildred gives up Montag’s storage of books to follow orders. The main character of the television segment undergoes surgery after surgery to physically transform herself. She was willing to invest possibly all her savings just to look like everyone else. Irony is presented in the sense that the state’s approved look is, in modern times, unappealing, while the “ugly woman” is considered attractive, of both the face and the mind. The doctor sees the beauty within her, yet says nothing to come to her aid when she needed him; he chose conformity over…show more content…
The non-conformist is painted to be the villain, or the one with an ugly aura, by the state, who expresses conformity. On the contrary, in reality, the non-conformist becomes the hero, or the one of beauty. All three non-conformists started out as characters who desired to conform; Montag originally ignored his curiosity for knowledge, Emmett read the handbook on a daily basis, and the woman tried to alter her appearance through surgery just to match everyone else. Alas, for whatever reason they are unable to achieve the desired goal of conformity, but are eventually happy with their individuality. For example, Montag realizes that his individuality is the reason he remained alive, while all the conformists did not survive the nuclear bombing. Emmett is able to save the world with his “gift” of being himself and believing in his capabilities. The woman ultimately becomes content with her outlandish home she is sent away to, because she comes to the conclusion that she is finally able to embrace who she is instead of trying to change it. Additionally, the non-conformists of the plot make the other characters questions conformity. Whether it is Montag’s desire to read after seeing the old woman’s passion for it, Emmett defying President Business’s order after coming in contact with the master builders, or even the doctor wondering if it is truly just to
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