Theme Of Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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When is there not a time some part of the world is under corruption? Like real world today many book have a relatable theme of corruption. In the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald the characters are formed and interact in a way that would represent brokenness. The novel, The Great Gatsby displays a common theme of corruption shown through the divide of the community, deception of the characters, and unattainability of the American Dream. The corruption of this community starts with the divide of wealth between West and East egg. The different sides of the community are labeled different based on how much you own or have money for. One character even describes his living old situation in the west egg and marks it as, “… the- well, the less fashionable of the two…” (4). Division of the two classes are most similar to the social class of today’s community. Corruption is displayed because the people are using what they have as a way to feel more important and more privileged. The split of these two groups provoke the characters to show off and make the point of having pride in being wealthy which relates heavily to common American society. Source E author explains the habit of Americans when all of a sudden the unaffordable becomes affordable even with no money, “Thus did Americans begin to spend money they didn’t yet have …” (Source E). While evaluating the extent to which this theme relates to common world, many people can see that corruption dealing with money is a huge
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