Theme Of Courage In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Essay Courage enables an individual to stand up for what they believe in order to make a change. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s courage enables him to envision a different future and take action to achieve it. Initially, Montag does not question the world around him; however, he becomes aware of the limitations of his society in his search for happiness. Inspired by this new knowledge, he acts courageously in an attempt to change his life and the lives of those around him. Montag must abandon all previous views and principles he had about society to enable a change. Through the character of Montag, Bradbury suggests that individuals are courageous when they sacrifice themselves for the improvement of society, even when there is a risk of achieving nothing. Initially, Montag seems as static and obedient as all the others in this totalitarian society; however, through talking with Clarisse, Montag’s views change, causing him to question the rules around him. He realizes how dull and pointless his life is. Stealing the book from the fire is his first courageous act because it shows how much Clarisse has influenced him. Taking a book is forbidden, but Montag still commits the crime because he has a strong desire to understand the true purpose of a fireman. Another instance of courage displayed by Montag is when he reveals his stolen books to Mildred. When Mildred …show more content…

Through courage, Montag enacts his plan to change this totalitarian society. Originally, Montag is as naïve as all the others, but Clarisse begins to make him question the things around him. Montag strives to change his life and achieve happiness. He abandons his society’s principles in order to rebuild a meaningful society. With courage and bravery, Montag defies his government’s rules to attract others to fight for a freer

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