Theme Of Courage In Fallen Angels

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t get afraid. Courage means you don\\\'t let fear stop you”-Bethany Hamilton this quote represents people in war they are always afraid but it never stops them. Courage of the Fallen Angels For some people in war they they just follow and for some people they are the leaders but some are the ones that see their buddy fall right next to them and are to scared to run back and save him they just follow. But for the people that show courage the ones that doesn\\\'t let fear stop them they are the heroes the ones that take more risks to save a buddy from being killed. In the book Fallen Angels Peewee shows that kind of courage. The book never said peewee was drafted it said he enlisted himself because “this Is the first place I ever been in my life where I got what everybody else got”(Myers 15) this shows courage because he doesn\\\'t let fear defeat him and he wants to be equal with everyone and kind of prove himself to everyone else That he is just as good and during the war, especially at the end both peewee and perry show courage by climbing out of the spider hole finding Monaco surrounded by Congs waiting for a chopper to come so they can kill as many…show more content…
They could have easily let that happen but they didn\\\'t when the chopper came they fired at the conga and killed them and saved monacos life. But both peewee and perry got shot in that firefight and yet they got up and still fought they showed courage by not letting fear stop them. Another way peewee shows courage is that when he talks about war he isn\\\'t afraid when everyone else is scared. For example peewee isn\\\'t just brave he is a good friend like right before him and perry went into battle he gave him a flack jacket to protect him. And when perry was about to fall out peewee grabbed him to
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