Theme Of Courage In Tangerine

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In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, characters go around helping those in need. Every time someone shows courage they throw themselves into harm's way. Courage can save lives.

Paul shows courage by helping at the sinkhole. One example is when Paul got everyone’s attention by saying, “I didn’t even think about it. I yelled back, ‘Come on!’ (Pg. 81)” Paul has a lot of courage to go towards the danger instead of running away. He also shows courage by not thinking about whether or not he should go or not. Another example of this is, “I must of pulled twenty kids up before I heard Mr. Wards voice yell, ‘That’s it! That’s everybody! Let’s get out of here!’ (Pg. 82)” Paul doesn’t even know these kids and yet he still continues to risk his own life to help them. They got everyone out of the hole just in time, if they waited to help, some kids could of died. Even though the sinkhole was an awful event Paul still managed to be courageous and help.

Luis shows courage by showing up at Eric’s practice to defend his younger brother. As an
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To prove this Paul said, “‘The weapon he used to kill Luis Cruz was a blackjack.’ (Pg. 284).” Paul finally tells someone that he saw the crime. He tells the policeman what weapon he used but in reality he should of told someone a long time ago. In support of this, Paul said , “‘I saw him do it. I saw Arthor Bauer sneak up on Luis Cruz, like a coward, and hit him on the side of the head. Luis never even saw it coming.’ (Pg. 284).” Paul finally tells us what he thinks about Arthor. He defends Luis by saying that Arthor snuck up on him. Finally Paul says, “‘I saw - I heard Eric Fisher tell him to do it.’ (Pg. 284).” Paul finally tells someone something bad that Eric did. Even though Eric is his brother he told the police officer this anyway. Even after all the abuse Paul has taken throughout the entire story he still has the courage to tell the police about Eric and

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