Theme Of Criminality In Oliver Twist

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caused a vast immigration of the people from the village and farm to spreading new factory towns .”3. Fear of unemployment and starvation has led workers to toil under inhuman working conditions at law wages . Industrialism has brought wealth and prosperity to the country , but at the same time has widened the gab between the rich who have become richer and the poor who have become poorer . p33 There has been a wide gulf between the poor and the wealthy classes , and exposing and ' ' narrowing it constituted the great challenge of the time ."4 p34 Some novelists , like Dickens have revealed the world of the poor class in his novels and p2 reinforced his novels with “ factual details [ that ] .. really shocked the novel readers .”5 of…show more content…
Reflected on an individual level that serves to unearth an almost an underground anti-social organization , the theme of criminality in Oliver Twist links with a favourite Dickensian theme : that of the persecuted child , a theme which he uses in other novels such as The Old Curiosity Shop , Great Expectations and Bleak House . Kathleen Tillotson affirms that Dickens " was initiating , not continuing a tradition . To put a child at the centre of a novel for adults was virtually unknown when Dickens wrote Oliver Twist . "7 The persecution of young children and juvenile delinquency may relate to Dickens 's belief in a Rosseauesque notion of the innocent child who is driven to commit evil by institutions . The novel also suggests that criminals like Sike and Fagin are , at the same time , victims of a society tolerating inhuman institutions such as the workhouse where Oliver has been raised . Though Oliver is saved , throughtout the novel , by chance and design , other children become corrupt and deviate like Dawkins , " the artful dodger " who is caught while picking pockets , convicted and banished . The suffering of defenceless characters who are blameless victims of an indifferent society , " elecit an emotional response , " 8 and draws the reader 's sympathy for…show more content…
Dickens represents two worlds ; old and new , upper and middle class . He depicts the anxieties of the time and the insecurity and snobbery steaming from the ambiguities of rank and wealth at a time of perpetual and rapid social change . It is concerned with those social problems arising from industrialization and urbanization . Dickens approach in his novels , the impact of change on a society that is striving to adjust itself to new conditions . This idea of ' change ' however , links in the novelists ' minds with a sense of puzzled perplexity . Dickens , has felt as if he was caught between the pull of nostalgia and the urge of the new life and this sense of division , of belonging to two ages , has given rise to novels describing social change . Dickens 's views of charity workhouses and the poor help have not varied and they cohere in 1865 with his views depicted twenty seven years earlier in Oliver Twist . In this novel he reflects the same dark vision of these places compared to which , death seems to

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