Theme Of Cruelty In Othello

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A Cruel Game Unknown to Othello, Iago was motivated by a cruelty that demanded the utter destruction of Othello’s public and private life. In the play Othello, by William Shakespeare, Iago is the main antagonist to the protagonist of the story. Iago is motivated by cruelty; his final goal is see all of his adversaries suffer. Cruelty is an especially crucial theme to any story, for it reveals the ugly truth about a character who is primarily motivated by cruelty. The social and political gains of Iago’s cruelty display how the theme functions in a work of literature and what it reveals about both the perpetrator and victim. In the case of Shakespeare’s Othello, cruelty serves as the main source of motivation in Iago’s wicked plan. To illustrate, Iago begins the story by complaining to …show more content…

If this, alone, was the motivation for his plan, the book would have ended as soon as Cassio falls from lieutenancy and Iago takes his place. However, his real goal was to watch Othello suffer, since he had dared to let Cassio outrank him in the first place, and because of the

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