Theme Of Cruelty In The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is a deadly game to the death held annually, occurring to entertain the capitol. The Hunger Games is a result of a past rebellion, and is informed by the victorious Capitol as a punishment for the wrongdoing districts. The plot turns as Katniss Everdeen is selected as the female tribute of district 12. It was love that guided Katniss along her life-changing journey, which also drove the events of the Hunger Games along.
Sacrifice is one of the huge factors of Katniss and Peeta winning the Hunger Games. The whole Hunger Games tradition was for the 12 districts to sacrifice two people. ages twelve to eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games. This symbolizes dictatorship and poverty, because the capitol is indulged in technology and riches, while the districts are stuck with minimal amounts of food and horrible living
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They would have never have achieved this feat if they did not have hope. The most important symbol in the Hunger Games is the mockingjay, a cross between a jabberjay and a mockingbird. The mockingjay is a symbol of justice, but it can serve as a source of hope. Katniss gave the mockingjay pin to Prim, telling her that as long as she has it, she will be safe. After Katniss was selected as tribute, Primrose in turn gave the pin back to her, once again telling Katniss that the pin would keep her safe. Katniss and Rue used the songs of the mockingjays to communicate to each other when they were separated, since mockingbirds could imitate human sounds, such as whistling, singing, or humming. Mockingjays can represent hope and rebellion. The general theme of the Hunger Games is love. Some evidence of love includes sacrifice, family, and hope. Altogether, these elements pieced together bind the plotline of the Hunger Games, and add meaning to the story. Love is the most important theme of the book, in which the author wrote well to
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