How Is Julius Caesar Selfish

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There were many deaths in the book “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare. Every death or suicide in this book didn’t happen without a strong reason to back them up. Some people were very brave and selfless people, other characters in this book were very selfish people who only thought about themselves, and for those people it ended very badly. There were three main people that come to mind instantly when I think of deaths in this play, Julius Caesar, Cassius, and Brutus. These three characters are the ones that will be talked about during this essay. Julius Caesar of course will be the first to be talked about. Julius Caesar was a very noble man, he was very selfless when it came to Rome, he loved that country and his fellow Roman’s. This is the only man that will be talked about that didn’t commit suicide. Caesar was offered the crown not once, not twice, but three times. Everytime he was offered the crown he turned it down, showing that he didn’t want it. Caesar was stabbed several times, which left him dead, by greedy people who were only thinking of themselves. The only person that didn’t stab Julius for selfish reasons is Brutus. Brutus was led to believe that Julius was doing harm…show more content…
Brutus was one, if not the only one, who helped kill Julius Caesar for reasons that were not selfish. Cassius tells Brutus that Julius was a greedy man that needed to be killed for the good of Rome. Brutus believes Cassius and gets the last blow at Julius which is the stab that ended Julius’ life. Later when Brutus finds out the truth he is angry at Cassius for lying and leading him to kill his good friend. Although Brutus did end up killing Julius Caesar but he did do it for what he thought was a good cause. Brutus kills himself at the end because that is what he believed was honorable at the time. Romans believed that they had to kill themselves if they lost a battle, and Brutus and Cassius lost the battle pretty
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