Theme Of Death In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Few experiences in life are universal. Events such as death, and even love, are all part of the human experience. To understand and be exposed to these things gives one an insight into what motivates the behaviors of humans. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk, a very discontented city. Gilgamesh is said to have been two thirds god and one third man. This meant that while he was mortal, he was still of a higher status than any other man, even before being declared a king. Because Gilgamesh has never had an equal, his power has been left unchecked, and this angers the people of Uruk. The goddess Aruru then created Enkidu, an equal to Gilgamesh. The two become close friends and go on adventures together, but eventually, Enkidu dies. This leaves Gilgamesh extremely grief stricken and fearful of his own mortality. Because of this fear, Gilgamesh travels in search of eternal life. The exposure to the death of a companion, fearfulness of his own life, and the experience of love allows Gilgamesh to acquire a greater understanding of the humans he is commanding, ultimately making him a better ruler to his people. Death is an absolute in life. If one is living, then one will eventually die. For humans, death is one of the most important events we face. For some, it can be seen as a unifying force. Although not as prevalent today, in the times of ancient Sumeria, death was a common occurrence. To be affected by death during this time was the way of life. It is
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