Theme Of Decadence In The Great Gatsby

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In this BA dissertation I am going to discuss the theme of decadence in the works of the Lost Generation writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. This literary theme has been important for many writers since ancient times. Firstly it occurred in Europe and then it was adopted by nineteenth century America. Later it also became a crucial concept for the Lost Generation authors. It was presented in many novels and short stories written by them, especially by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and therefore, I will discuss his writings when analysing the concept of decadence in American literature of the Roaring Twenties period.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was a prominent figure among the Lost Generation writers. His novels and short stories satirize the consumer society that emerged after the World War I and reflect the decadent spirit of this specific period in American literature. He based his writings on his and his friends’ private lives. Most of his works contain autobiographical references to his marriage, and what is more, many characters bear a resemblance to him and his wife Zelda. This gives the authenticity to his works which are a satirical reflection of the modes of behaviour cherished by his contemporary society.
The first part of this BA dissertation will explain what the term decadence
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Scott Fitzgerald. Firstly, the attention will be paid to the immorality and degeneration of protagonists of This Side of Paradise. Later the same aspects of characters’ decadent behaviour in two other novels The Beautiful and Damned and The Great Gatsby will be discussed. Finally, the closing chapter of my paper will include an examination of the topic of decadence in the stories written by F.S. Fitzgerald, namely “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” and “Babylon Revisited”. The pattern for the analysis will be similar to the one taken when analysing
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