Theme Of Deception In Merchant Of Venice

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Deception, defiance and double meanings are what make Shakespeare’s plays the great wonder that they are today. Shakespearian is known as the most poetic, romantic and comic form of play writing, however each play has strong morals and meanings in them.
One of Shakespeare’s plays, the Merchant of Venice, focuses of the acts of deception. Some say that none of the characters in the play are seen as ‘kind’ by the end of it, stating that: “Grace, nobility and generosity of spirit are submerged by greed, distrust and ugly prejudice.”
This play enlightens true meanings of deception on nearly every level; from Jessica deceiving her father, Shylock being deceived by the court and the deceitful tale of ‘the rings’, that is seen throughout the Merchant of Venice.

Jessica is the beautiful daughter of Shylock the Jew, who she despises greatly. In the play she falls in love and elopes with Lorenzo a Christian, and is best friends with Bassanio and Antonio. During Act 2 Bassanio throws a feast that Shylock attends, whilst Jessica has made plans to elope with Lorenzo. Jessica throws down a casket of her mother’s jewels and money as she states “I will make fast the doors and gild myself with some more ducats, and be with you straight.” After this she and Lorenzo elope, thus converting her from a Jew to a
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Throughout this process she beings to drop hints at the faults in the bond such as the weight of the flesh must be one pound, it must only be flesh meaning not one drop of blood can be shed and that he has threatened and attempted to kill someone, for that his own life can be taken. When she announces all of these faults Antonio requests the Duke to be merciful and not kill Shylock, however he must become a Christian. And his property must go to Lorenzo and his Daughter when he dies. Also as a Christian Shylock can no longer lend money with interest, meaning that he would be out of
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