Theme Of Determination In Romeo And Juliet

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Determination can sometimes make you do crazy things for a crazy cause. Most people look at it as something positive. For instance, if you are determined to get our dream job, you will work very hard to do it by studying all day and night. But determination isn't always as perfect as you would normally think. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the characters want something so bad as having the will to breathe, they are willing to do almost anything to get it, even if it ends someone else’s life. Determination, which both Paris and Tybalt have, causes them to make their expectations too rigid, which causes innocent deaths in the book, because their determination blinds them from reality.

Paris possesses the trait determination and
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Right before the party, where Juliet and Romeo first meet, Paris decides that he wants Juliet to be his wife, which causes problems to both families. He starts to cause this drama when he exclaims to Capulet, “Younger mothers are happy mothers made” (1.2.12). This shows that Paris is willing to say anything to make Juliet his wife, which is the younger she is, the better. This contributes to the tragedy because when he says this, Capulet decides to give Paris a chance at marriage with Juliet later in the play. This chance at marriage gets Paris one step closer to having Juliet. This later turns into a love triangle causing more suicidal thoughts on Romeo and Juliet’s love situation. This is because it makes their affair more complex, which is hard to handle when they are still in their teenage years. Another event that contributes to the idea of Paris’s determination, focuses on Paris’s stupidity. Determination and stupidity are related in the play because when people have determination, it causes them to do stupid things, like drinking poison. This is when Paris and Juliet are having a conversation of their love life in Friar Lawrence’s home, which is right after Romeo’s banishment. Paris tries to show his love and devotion to Juliet
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