Betrayal Theme In Invisible Man

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In Invisible man, by Ralph Ellison, the author writes a novel showcasing an act of segregation through the life of an African American male. With the use of dictation, character experience, and the evaluation of segregation/equality Ralph Ellison meets the meaning of each theme of betrayal, suffering, and optimism within a series of chapters. A flower so delicate and precious in a garden of beauty simply growing just to be cut at its roots -- betrayal. Ralph Ellison uses dictation through several characters to display such an act throughout the novel even then showing his audience how each character manages their own encounters as the novel begins with such an impactful first chapter intentionally setting the rest of the novels message. A human is just as delicate as a flower, physically and mentally. Making this comparison is to show that as people they too can be cut from their very own roots and wilt... eventually leading to death. As a human they can not be replanted as a seed once again after being cut away. This develops the set tone for the rest of the novel. It does so slowly by revealing different levels of betrayal to different characters who take in the experience differently. Not only do they take it in differently but they each turn it into their own story line establishing another sense of understanding to the audience. When the narrator's grandfather said "Son, after I'm gone I want you to keep up the good fight. I have never told you, but our life is a war....Live with your head in the lion's mouth." this was heavenly advice but it was also pain. This quotation explains betrayal…show more content…
The novel’s purpose is to help the audience achieve a goal of self satisfaction or
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