Theme Of Dishonesty And Redemption In 'The Kite Runner'

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The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini is an enthralling novel in which many themes were displayed. The most significant themes were betrayal, dishonesty and redemption, due to the fact that they were displayed the most frequently by the protagonist Amir and other characters that were introduced in the novel.

The first theme displayed in The Kite Runner is betrayal. This is most significantly evident when Hassan ran the blue kite for Amir. Whilst running the kite, Hassan was sexually assaulted by Kabul’s bully, Asif, and Amir witnessed the whole thing yet took no action. Hassan was known for his loyalty to Amir given that in their first encounter with Asif, Hassan stood up for Amir and threatened to shoot Asif with his slingshot in order to protect Amir.
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This is a very significant theme as it sculpted the entire adult life of Amir. After Amir and Baba had moved to San Francisco, Amir attended community college in hopes that he would be a successful writer. However, in the year 2001, he received a call from Baba’s former business partner Rahim Khan, whilst at home with his wife Soraya. Rahim Khan always acted as a father figure to Amir and gave him the love that he always lacked from Baba and for this reason, Amir was happy to hear from him. During their conversation, Rahim Khan told Amir that “there was a way to be good again” to which Amir instantly knew the reason for his statement. Amir knew that Rahim Khan had found out what he did to Hassan and so in order to retribute himself, he flew to Pakistan to meet Rahim. When he arrived in Peshawar, he saw a very ill Rahim Khan who told him that Hassan and his wife, Sofia, were killed by the Taliban after coming to maintain the grounds of Baba’s house and that their son, Sohrab, was sent to an orphanage. In order to redeem himself, Amir knew that he had to save Sohrab from the orphanage and thus, he risked his own life in order to repay

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