Theme Of Disobedience In Huckleberry Finn

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Disobedience Essay

Oscar Wilde claims that disobedience is a natural human trait and it should be valued. Disobedience is the failure or refusal of obeying rules or someone in authority. Disobedience can take place with rebellion or just simply not conforming to a certain rule. While disobedience is natural and it is the most efficient way to make social progress, disobedience should not be praised or encouraged because otherwise there would be no order. Disobedience has been a common and effective way social progress has been made, most notably in the American Revolution. When the 13 colonies were under the influence of the British monarchy, the colonists had the follow acts that would restrict their individual rights and would often have
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Novels like Huckleberry Finn and newer science-fiction books include a rebellious teen as the main character. In a time where slavery was the status quo, Huckleberry Finn ran away and befriended Jim, a runaway slave. Huckleberry Finn, was rebellious and faked his death to his whole town. Huckleberry’s act of rebellion further advanced social progress because of his relationship with Jim. The bond that the two created, stripped Huckleberry from the racist views of his hometown and made Huckleberry realize that their friendship was acceptable. It took a long time for African-Americans to be accepted into society, but Mark Twain foreshadowed their acceptance with the behavior of Huckleberry Finn. In a popular young adult novel titled Divergent, the main character Tris lived in a society where everyone was categorized into different factions. Tris was the exception to the system and found out she fit into more than one category. Characters that fell into multiple categories were called Divergent and were killed. Tris hid her identity and helped to dissolve the faction system. Tris’s bravery and disobedience to society’s rules helped her society to change and to live without a faction system. Literature encourages teens to be disobedient by using characters that make change through
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