Theme Of Divine Justice In King Lear

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In the play King Lear, William Shakespeare portrays numerous themes to the audience and reader, but one of the most prevalent would be the theme of divine justice. William Shakespeare’s tragic play, contains occurrences of justice faltering in the facade of evil. As the tale unfolds, the actions that are portrayed against Shakespeare’s characters shows that many injustices are made toward the innocent. Shakespeare’s prolonging of serving justice is evident in his tale, but in the end justice is always served even if it is at the cost of an injustice. In William Shakespeare’s play, King Lear, by creating the chief central theme of divine justice, Shakespeare allows for his audience and readers to have a fuller understanding between the righteousness and the corruption that influences the world. William Shakespeare’s tragic play, shows the character’s morals in a gruesome play full of grief and manipulation, where justice appears to waver in the eyes of evil. For example, King Lear’s daughter, Regan, is one of the several most corrupt characters in the world of King Lear. Even if Regan was pardoned for her antagonistic motives, her corrupt and sinister conducts would never have been overcome, for her judgment would always be dominated with the interminable thirst for power and personal gain. Regen continuously proves to the audience and reader that she has no sense of an ethical manner, for as soon as she had lost her husband she immediately goes in search for another. “My

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