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In the book Skinny by Donna Cooner the theme is always belive in yourself. A short description of the story would be, Ever Davis is an overweight 15 year old, that wants to live a normal life, but is too self conscious about herself to do so. She loves to sing however, she is not comfortable being in front of a crowd. In the end, Ever learns to believe herself over her self conscious. In the book it says,” ‘I look pretty.Say it’ I point at with a shaking finger. ‘You look okay in the dress’ ‘No,I look pretty.Say it.’ “This quote from the book shows the theme because it is when Ever overcomes the voice in her head and starts believing in herself. In the book it says “I know Skinny is here,too, because whether I like it or not, she will always be a part of me. I just don’t have to listen to her.” This quote from the book shows the theme because it shows that Ever chooses not to listen to Skinny and chooses to believe in herself…show more content…
This explains the theme because when In Skinny the theme is to always believe in yourself. On page 247 the story says, “I follow the voice you gave to me But now I gotta find, my own…” This quote from the book shows that she followed a different voice other than her own, now she trusts herself enough to believe in her own voice. She decided that she does not need to listen to someone else's

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