Theme Of Dreams In Of Mice And Men

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A dream is an ambition or aspiration for the future. In the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck the theme of Dreams runs throughout the novel, many characters have different dreams but the main focus seems to be on the shared dream of George and Lennie. Many of the characters’ dreams are a microcosm of the American Dream which claims that great personal success can be gained by hard work and personal sacrifice. In the novel most of the characters have a dream. Each of the characters seem to have a sense of loneliness in each of their lives and their dreams are the things that keep them hoping for something better than their lives on the ranch. George and Lennie have a shared dream, they dream of a better life. They discuss this dream together before the first day on the ranch – “OK. Some day – we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and …” They dream of a small farm with a patch of land which they own by themselves. It is a dream of working for themselves, of being independent, and it is a dream sufficiently powerful to draw in Candy and, temporarily, even the cynical Crooks. We also know that it is a dream shared by many thousands of itinerant ranch hands. This quote illustrates that George and Lennie are different and that they don’t want to work on ranches everyday till they die, they have ambitions is life. This dream of having their own farm keeps them going through tough times,
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