Theme Of Duncan's Deception In Macbeth

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The king has completely given his trust to Macbeth for a few very good reasons. The image Duncan has crafted of Macbeth is of a righteous man who is obedient to his king. Duncan even proclaims that Macbeth has “signs of nobleness” (1.4, 41). Duncan is completely blindsided and fooled by Macbeth and is unable to see underneath the mask that Macbeth has crafted. He fails to see Macbeth's alternate motives. What is particularly ironic is that in the beginning of the play Duncan kills the Thane of Cawdor because he has betrayed him. As we progress through the play, we see history repeat itself where Macbeth murders the king and the king is betrayed a second time; though the king never realizes he is betrayed. This quote expresses a much

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