Theme Of Dystopia In The Handmaid's Tale

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In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood many of the prescribed elements fit the genre of dystopian literature, such as characters, setting and theme. This is evident as Atwood shows the oppression of the characters that have to conform by strict demanding rules; the Republic of Gilead as a totalitarian state that favors compulsory rules and the use of themes to reveal certain characteristics found in dystopian society. Opposite from a utopia, a perfect world, a dystopia presents the world in all its negative aspects. Therefore, technological advances and war have left the Republic of Gilead in a devastating state. The Handmaids are valued for their ovaries and must lie down while the wives witness their husbands attempt to impregnate another woman. Religion is a business as the Soul Scrolls print out prayers, knowledge and education are reserved for men, as this is strictly forbidden to women and superior beings “the Eyes” watch them. In this dystopian world, every aspect of a person 's life is carefully supervised, "Under His Eye," and as Offred discovers, the van will come and take the rebellious away. In this world, humans are subjected, punished, and tortured, allowed no love, or pleasure which all resemble the dystopian elements.
Female characters in particular, are often told how much safer, protected and embraced they are. This is done by distracting them from the freedoms they used to have, deemed as “wrong” and the ones they have now, seen as better. By
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