Theme Of Ecofeminism In The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter is one of the most representative works written by an American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne in the 19th century. Hawthorn sets the novel in the 17th century, depicting the cruelty of the Puritanism and its killing of human nature. Many readers and experts have analyzed it in deep understanding from different perspectives. Ecofeminism is a new thought arising in the 1970s and it comes into the field of literature in the 1990s. This essay will reveal the conflicts between man, woman and nature from the perspective of Ecofeminism and advocates building a kind of harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.
Ecofeminism is the combination of ecology and feminism, which concerns the relation between nature and female. It pays attention to the Gender discrimination, the control of natural species, racism, sexism, and other social inequalities. The theory of Ecofeminism against the ideas that human is the center of the world and the logic of domination in men’ s relation with women and nature. As a new theory, it is difficult to make a definition of Ecofeminism because it has many different aspects. But all Eco-feminists agree that there are important connections between the unjustified domination of women and nature.
In The Scarlet Letter, the theory of Ecofeminism can be illustrated mainly from the interconnected relationship between women and nature, and the men’ s domination over women and nature. The relationship between women and nature is closer
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