Theme Of Emotion In 12 Angry Men

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In the movie “12 Angry Men”, various Ways of Knowing are identified by the TOK course such as emotions, perception and reason. The film demonstrates the role that emotion plays in the aim of knowledge, if we can truly trust our sense to perceive what the world really is, and is arguing through reasoning significant? Emotion plays a role in the search for the truth whether it is the aim for new knowledge or the jury’s search for a solution in the case. “12 Angry Men” displays how emotions can aid our judgment. When the juror’s expressed outrage, it was because they had heard something that they didn’t approve of therefore, they expressed an emotion that reflected their opinion. The juror’s emotions affected their belief by putting the boy onto the chair. Juror number 3 was convinced that the teenage boy was guilty. This was due to his past experiences within his family; the rage that he had towards his past created a very one-sided belief. Therefore, juror number 3 let his emotions choose the side he would be on. His emotions gathered up anger, frustration and family rage leading him to ignore the rest of the information provided. The emotion expressed by this juror created an atmosphere where his decision of the young boy’s life was dominated by his personal life rather than the murder case. Another example was when Juror number 5 changed his vote from guilty to not guilty because he could connect with the accused based on his…show more content…
Juror number 5’s empathetic emotions allowed him to forget the stereotypical judgment that he had towards the teenage boy upon his low class status. However, this WOK can be
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