Theme Of Entrapment In Poe's Prey

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“The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, “Prey” by Richard Matheson and “The Feature Pillow” by Horacio quiroga have same themes. Which is Violence and entrapment. The authors uses these 2 themes to show the readers specific view of what is going on in the story, describe the scenes vividly and to power up the scares of the story.

In the “The Black Cat” there is a quote that says “The kill of his wife through head with ax.” this quote shows the violence, it shows violence because he kills his wife with ax, which goes through the head. “The wall was covered with hardened blood.” this quote shows the blood which is grotesqueness. By mentioning the blood on the wall. And “I buried the cat in the wall with my wife.” mentions the entrapment because the cat was entrapped with his wife in the wall. In the “Prey” the doll of the hunter moves and tries to kill the main character and as the main character kills the doll by burning it. She gets possessed by the released spirit of the doll. As watching this we can tell that the spirit of the hunter has been trapped in the doll and eventually released by destroying the doll. We can tell that it uses the “entrapment” theme. In the “Prey” there is a quotes that says “The blood was dripping from the leg.” and “She is squeezing her neck through the blood.” These two quotes mentions the violence
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But sadly, he does not find out about the bat until his wife is dead. In the “The Feather Pillow,” there is the quote that says “It had stealthly appeared its mouth - its snout, rather to her tapes suck out her blood.” this quote express the theme of grotesqueness. Because the bat’s mouth was covered with blood which was his wife’s. In the story, the bat has been hiding in the wife’s pillow and drained her blood out from her body. Because the bat has been inside the pillow, it can be used as “entrapment” because the bat has been entrapped in the
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