Theme Of Envy In Hamlet

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Hamlet's uncle claudius killed king hamlet out of envy. It was envy for the throne and for the power to be the king of denmark. In act three scene three he clearly states that he murdered king hamlet for his own ambition, for the crown and for the queen of denmark, Gertrude. A lot of the deadly sin envy goes around throughout the story of hamlet. A lot of people want something someone else has. In hamlet some sins are even multiplied together, for example the ghost wants his revenge on claudius and he also wants his crown back which is both wrath and envy. Throughout the play the seven deadly sins will appear frequently. Claudius, before the play even began wanted to be the king of denmark. In the graveyard scene the ghost tells hamlet that claudius, filled with envy and wrath came into the orchard where king hamlet slept and poured poison into his ear killing him. After he did that he took the throne and married the queen. In the beginning of the play they are celebrating the marriage of gertrude and Claudius. Maybe it was lust that overtook Claudius when he decided to marry gertrude. Maybe he had always desired her and now was his chance. But that whole relationship comes to an halt at the end of the play when his plans to murder hamlet during a fencing match goes wrong and kills…show more content…
He desires so much to be the king of denmark that even after gertrude was killed by the poison he thinks that he can still maintain his kingdom. He tries to cover up her death by saying "She swoons to see [Hamlet and Laertes] bleed" Act 5, Scene 2. This shows the sin greed because it says all he cares about is the throne and not his own wife dying. In the scene just quoted, laertes and claudius have a plan on killing hamlet. This shows that the sin wrath is very evident in hamlet. Wrath more closely represents laertes in this scene but it does not skip over claudius due to this plan to have Hamlet killed that Claudius himself
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