Theme Of Equality 7-2521

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Equality 7-2521 starts the novel as misguided, who has just never understood that he is not quite the same as everyone around him. When Equality 7-2521 incidentally returns late to the Home of the Street Sweepers, he postponed to tell his Home Council where he has been, and is thrown into the Palace of Corrective Detention, where he 's beaten. "Take our brother Equality 7-2521 to the Palace of Corrective Detention. Lash them until they tell" (64). The refusal to account for himself, based on how the Elders treated him and his lightbulb , was strengthening the thought of "self", which until this minute was truly not understood. However, now he comprehends that he won 't give up what he has and his knowledge. Denouncing the councils and his

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