Theme Of Excitement In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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The theme in how to kill a mockingbird is excitement can lead to failure.

As scout and jem live their lives in maycomb, the reader notices they only think about the present and the trial. When atticus gets home exhausted from working on the reial all day he tells calpurnia. “Put my bag in the front bedroom calpurnia”(TKAM 169). By stating that he is worn out from working on the trial all day which can be one central message in “TKAM” atticus is a hard working man and he wants nothing more but to show the real justice in someone.

As scout is at school she realizes that school isn't as fun at it was going to be. At school scout is asked to read aloud in class and the teacher tells scout.” now tell your father not to teach you anymore. It's

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