Theme Of Failure In The Odyssey

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When Failure Leads to Success Focusing on at least three or as many as four characters in the Theogony and the Odyssey (and, in addition, if you wish, the movie Iphigenia), discuss how experiences of apparent failure, defeat, and great challenge lead to success, victory, and/or transformation. The Odyssey and the Theogony both describe several instances in which characters experience some sort of failure, defeat, and or challenge. Sometimes these negative experiences have led to success, victory and or transformation. As a result of Kronos’ failure, Zeus defeats and overthrows his father, in the Theogony. Chosen by Gaia, Typhoeus would be responsible for the annihilation of Zeus and ruling the heavens. Although it seemed like Zeus would…show more content…
Therefore, in the beginning of the Typhoeus-Zeus war, it seemed like Zeus would fail or be defeated but, he ended victorious with even more followers and respect. Also, it can also be seen as throughout the war, Zeus felt like he was being defeated and had to think quick on his feet and come up with a plan to successfully win this war. This image (, says a lot about the equal chance both Typhoeus and Zeus had to win the war. At first, looking at the image it seemed like this war was an equal fight, both seem to be depicted as huge beings but, as I inspected the image more and more I came to realize that Typhoeus is depicted to be bigger, scarier, and more threating. As you can see by the picture the only weapons that Typhoeus needs are already attached to him, “mighty legs…eyes [that]…from his shoulders/ grew a hundred snake-heads shot fire…” (Hesiod 73) he even has wings and a serpent body. On the other hand, Zeus just looks like a human being and his weapon is clearly depicted in his hands. If a person (with no Greek mythology background) would have seen this image, I believe that they would pick Typhoeus as the winner of this battle. This image says a lot, because it can give the people viewing insight about the war between Typhoeus and Zeus. Although, Typhoeus had the upper hand and could defeat…show more content…
Once Telemachus hits 20 years of age, he was expected to transform to the man of the house. How could he if he never really saw what the man of the house is suppose to do or be. Due to the fact that his father was unable to be there throughout his childhood, he faced many challenges. The first one being that his house was being infested by suitors. Making him feel powerless to them and he even felt like his father’s name and reputation were being tarnished. Another challenge he faced was that in his house no one had respect for him and he failed to demand the respect in his house in Odysseus’ absence that he deserved. Athena even wondered why Telemachus didn’t take any action to get rid of the suitors trying to court his mother. She tells him “you must not cling to your boyhood any longer/ it’s time you were a man” (Homer 1.341-342) as a respond to the friendly-advice he never truly received he said “you’ve counseled me with so much kindness now, / like a father to a son.” (Homer 1.354-355). As you can see, Telemachus was desperate (rightfully-so) for some consolation or any kind of advice to help him either find his father or to step-up and take his
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