Theme Of Fairies In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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In Shakespeare’s A Midsummers Night’s Dream, magic and mystery are key components in the thriving plot through the use of having two worlds, fairy and mortals. In this play the fairies are depicted as whimsical free-spirited lovers of life who seek to help the mortals find true love. However, in the 1999 Hollywood film version of the play the fairies are portrayed as petty irritable party animals who are more mortal like than they should be. This interpretation of the play has lost the original magical and mystery aspect of the original story with the added rendition of scenes and lines in the movie.
The movie version sets the scene in a modern setting in an Italian village giving it a different atmosphere. The more modern Victorian setting doesn’t give a good magical ambiance as to the original play. The use of this modern atmosphere doesn’t allow the fairy world to present itself as another worldly place. It seems that the fairies could be more like the mortals than the play portrays them as. In the play the fairies use magic and are not actually aware of human actions. They are clueless as to what is going on and hold a more mythical aspect of themselves. However, in the movie the fairies are more like the humans because they act more humanlike by knowing how to do things like washing of clothes or the scene in the movie where Titania and Bottom are celebrating and feasting over their new-found love, the fairies are serving them as human servants would.
The fairy world
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