Theme Of Family In Tangerine

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“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything-Michael J. Fox. What Michael means by this is that family is that a person’s whole life is about family and that it plays a huge role in a persons’s life, your family shapes who you are, how you are, how you act etc. and it can play a positive impact in your life or a negative one. If a family is cruel to you you can feel hurt, ignored or unhappy and can even grow up to become a bad person but, if a family pays attention to you and plays a positive part in your life it can make you a better person, make you happy, feel loved and many more things like this. In the novel Tangerine, the protagonist Paul Fisher has an extremely bad relationship with all 3 of his closest family members, and his parents show extreme favoritism to Erik and they basically let him do anything he wants because their Dad bred Erik to become a “Football star” all his life. Throughout the novel, Paul gets bullied by Erik, ignored by his parents and even lied to by them about a major part of his life. These actions make Paul feel hurt, ignored and forgotten, and Erik even teases Paul’s friends.. The topic that is most evident in Tangerine is family, and the scenes that showcase this are when Paul gets kicked off of Lake Windsor Middle School’s Soccer team because his Mom told the school that Paul was disabled so he gets extremely mad and screams at her, when Paul remembers in a flashback that when he was young his Mom tells him to not tell his

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