Theme Of Family In The Metamorphosis

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The family theme in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The family is the basic unit in any society. The stability of any society is based on how strong the family unit is. In The Metamorphosis, the writer brings out various challenges that occur in a family that was once happy and accepted every member as they were. In the text, Gregor goes through an unforeseen change that is unusual and unexplainable. The sudden change brings out the different reactions and roles played by different members of a family. Below is a discussion on the family in the past and today in America, compared to the family set up in our text. In the past, there were two major types of families in America. The nuclear family made up of the mother, father and children, and the extended family that was defined as a family comprising of father, mother, children, cousins, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces (Yorburg 8-12). The family unit was where every member should be appreciated and given an opportunity to thrive in whatever area they choose. There are different…show more content…
Could it be that the father blames himself? In a family, fathers are expected to raise strong, hardworking sons who will make them proud. From the text, the father feels like he failed in his fatherhood skills. How can his son not be in a position to work? He cannot even walk. The father is so angry to the extent of hitting his son with an apple, which is lodged in his son’s body that contributes to his death. We see the father beating and pushing his son to his room perhaps to avoid any further embarrassment when his manager comes to find out the reason Gregon had not reported to work. In our society, when a son fails, the fathers are usually blamed for not raising their sons well. It may not be spoken, but the perception is that the father failed to instill necessary vales to help their son become a better person in
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