Theme Of Fate In Antigone Essay

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In the Theban Plays, there are many themes that can be seen through the plays but the main theme that can be seen throughout the plays is Fate. In “Antigone”, the beginning starts with Antigone and Ismene talking about the consequences of burying their dead brother, Polynices’s body since the Creon decreed it illegal and the why reason why to bury him. With Antigone’s decision to bury him, her Fate has been laid out in front of her and now she faces the punishment of her actions. She understands that her actions brought her to her Fate and accepts it by saying “No tears for the destiny that’s mine” (104) She accepts her Fate by committing suicide. In the end, Antigone wasn’t the only one that Fate affected. It also affected Creon by killing off his family and making him be all alone. Tiresias even warned Creon by stating “you have no business with the dead…. dark destroyers late but true to the mark, now lie in wait for you, the Furies sent by the gods and the god of death to strike you down with the pains you perfected” (115) When Creon accepts his Fate and attempts to avoid it, Antigone, Haemon and Eurydice have already committed suicide. His refusal to listen brought about his Fate to be alone. Everyone in “Antigone”, their Fates were inevitable, whether they…show more content…
An oracle prophesize that Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother, it was then that they tie him up and had a shepherd throw him away in a mountain to die but the Shepherd took pity on the poor child, which shows Fate was saving Oedipus from death by influencing the Shepherd. After some events, he was adopted by the King and Queen of Corinth. Many years later, Fate has come a knocking again. Someone told Oedipus that he will make love with his mother and kill his father, after hearing the prophecy he ran. After he ran away, he returns to Thebes, his real home, with the guidance of

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