Theme Of Fate In The Knight's Tale

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In The Knight 's Tale, there are many different ways that future takes a role in the plot of this particular tale. It starts out with Theseus, overthrowing different groups and people, who then returns to his home with his new queen Hippolyta and her sister Emily. While heading back, he sees women crying and stops to ask them why they are in so much distress. They reply by saying that Creon has killed their husbands and that he will not let them bury them. This happens to be a big deal back then for these people. So Theseus decides to take matters into his own hands and defeats Creon in a battle. Shortly afterwards, his men find Palamon and Arcite, who were at that time opposing knights, and decides to imprison them with no hope of ever getting out. At this point, fate has taken a turn for the worst on these two men, but this is only the beginning of these fine young men’s story of their different and changing fates. In this tale, many people are affected by fortune in many different ways as seen by Palamon’s fate, Arcite’s fate, and Emily’s fate. Palamon is the Arcite’s brother, brave and strong, and is the first one to see Emily and makes his love for Emily known to Arcite immediately. So after seeing Emily, Palamon falls head over heels for her and decides to tell Arcite about the maiden that he is so taken with, in response Arcite decides to take a look for himself. Once Arcite sees Emily, he too falls in love with her. He claims to have more love for Emily than
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