Theme Of Fear In Animal Farm

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Animal farm is a book written by George Orwell. The book is a reflection of the events of the Russian Revolution and Joseph Stalin’s rise to power. Joseph Stalin is represented by Napoleon and the story follows the events that lead up to Napoleon’s rule over Animal Farm. During the novel, Napoleon uses both psychological and physical fear to control the animals. This is proved by Napoleon using Jones and Snowball as a Physiological fear, to prevent rebellion. There is also the aspect of Physical fear towards the end of the book, when Napoleon has ruthless and bloodthirsty dogs accompanying him at all times. The pigs use the psychological fear of Jones’s return to control the animals and make sure there is no further rebellion. Squealer, who represents the propaganda during the Russian revolution, lies to the animals about the pig’s actions. To end any argument, he uses the phrase “You do not want Jones back.” For example,…show more content…
After Snowball had finished his speech about the windmill, napoleon had called for his dogs with a “high pitched whimper,” to chase Snowball off the farm. The dogs created fear in all of the animals, making it easy for Napoleon to take over the leadership of Animal Farm. The dogs were the puppies that Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and “reared privately,” implying that Napoleon had intended to control the dogs for his own bodyguards from the beginning. The dogs would also prevent rebellion against Napoleon by letting out “menacing,” growls every time an animal would question Napoleon’s authority any further. Though later in the chapter, Napoleon orders his dogs to slaughter any of the animals who had previously questioned his authority on Animal Farm. The slaughtering of the animals, would of course fill the rest of the animals with even more fear than before. It would have been known then that the punishment of disobedience to Napoleon would simply result in
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