Theme Of Fear In Night

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Fear can do a lot to a person, fear can make someone do crazy things. Elie overcomes the brutalities and insanities of Auschwitz, he faces fear in way in he never expected to face, he develops the fear of selection, the unknown, and fear for his family's safety.Throughout the the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel uses fear to show his journey through deathly encounters, the unknown, and for his caretaker role for his father.

First arriving into the ghettos, came the fear of the unknown. Why were Elie and his family there? “The barbed wire that encircled us like a wall did not fill us with real fear,” Elie thought as he and others, including his family arrived. The fear of death or horrible treatment had not yet made contact with Elie, he was oblivious to where he was and what the purpose of being there meant. The Jews think they are safe, expecting to be treated with respect, expecting only the best from their long and strenuous journey from their village to this unknown place that’s now being referred to as the “ghetto.” The last that was to be anticipated was harsh labor, but not soon after were they sent on a train to what they thought they were going to a vineyard, which was much
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“The old, familiar fear: not to lose him,” selection was happening, Elie could not lose his father. Over time his father grew weaker and weaker, as did he. A man pulled Elie to the side and gave him the advice to leave his father to die because he’d gotten to the point where no matter how much treatment is provided he will not get better. Elie ignored it, his fear for his father became more and more scarce. What was he to do, he couldn’t leave his father to die and carry the shame and embarrassment of leaving him, but nor could he continuously care for is very sick father when he must be caring for
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