Theme Of Fear In The Crucible

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In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Miller uses one of his main characters, Abigail, to cause fear among the townspeople due to witchcraft. Abigail takes advantage of everyone's fear, and gets the townspeople to turn against each other or to take her side, however in the end the results are disastrous as 19 people are left dead and many remain in prison due to the accusations. Arthur Miller does this to demonstrate to his audience the dangers of using fear to motivate an audience to confront a threat. On the other hand, Franklin D. Roosevelt uses the Pearl Harbor incident to cause fear among his audience. Roosevelt uses his audience's fear of being attacked unexpectedly, like the Pearl Harbor incident, in hope to persuade them to support the war and volunteer to go to war, and the result left over 100,000 military personnel dead at the end of the war. This proves that fear should never be used to motivate an audience to confront a threat because fear is an emotion that causes people to look at everything as a threat or as dangerous, makes them feel anxiety, and it often causes people to make irrational or bad decisions, and the results are disastrous. In The Crucible, Miller's character Abigail accuses many of the townspeople of being witches. In those times, the people of Salem were terrified of witches and believed they were devil…show more content…
Roosevelt used fear in his speech, and it only caused for Americans to discriminate and seclude against Japanese Americans, by sending them to concentration camps and taking any of their belongings. In Miller's play The Crucible, the use of fear only caused for many people to accuse each other of witchcraft, be sent to court, imprisoned, and hanged. The use of fear in motivating an audience should never be used because it only causes for irrational decisions to be made as well as many unjustful decisions as
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